Friday, 19 December 2008

Argento Vivo

The Sultan of Brunei gets some weird cars built for him. But hey, he's got the cash to do what he wants, right? Remember the Ferrari 456 Venice? Marvellous.
...and look what's just popped up on eBay - the Pininfarina Argento Vivo. It's a top secret project based on the 2000 model-year Mercedes SL600 chassis, with AMG brakes, suspension & gearbox and an AMG 7.3 litre V12 - the Sultan still holds two of the four cars that were built in his garages, the other two being held in secret locations in the UK. This one, located in Monaco, is the Argento Vivo that Pininfarina didn't finish - yes, it's an expensive kit car, but the Sultan paid $2.5m apiece for his...

Thursday, 18 December 2008

YellowBird at the 'Ring

Astounding in-car footage of the Ruf CTR 'YellowBird' at the Nurburgring in '87. You get the feeling that sometimes he's oversteering for the sake of it...

And here's a lovely shot of the car in question.

Fiat Strada Abarth

Why aren't modern car ads this cool...?

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Mitsuoka Himiko - it's not a Morgan

Not content with throwing the bizarre Orochi and Viewt on the world, they've now come up with the decidedly peculiar Himiko. It's based on an MX-5. It's not a Morgan.

...actually, I rather like it. But don't tell anyone.

RIP Subaru WRC

Dark times for the World Rally Championship - first Suzuki pull out, now rally linchpins Subaru have pulled the plug. With just Citroen and Ford left as the only works teams, the future looks uncertain.

We'll certainly miss the bark of flat-fours through the forests.
Farewell, Subaru. It's been emotional.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Punto confusion

As a rule, I don't like Puntos. Never have done. However, there's something effortlessly cool about this photo:

Oh dear. Now I'm having naughty thoughts about GT Turbos and rattly Italian street-racers. Tasty.

Retro through austerity

The fact that nobody's got any money these days should naturally lead to a trend for people keeping their cars for longer; this is certainly reflected in the plummeting new car sales figures. However, society seems to be taking this frugality to a logical extreme by following their dreams of classic/retro car ownership under the banner of money-saving. Whether or not the 23% rise in sales of cars from the '70s and '80s is down to more people wanting them or more people on the supply side needing to get rid of them is something you can argue amongst yourselves - the fact is that we'll see more Cortinas and Chevettes on the road instead of holed up in garages.

Friday, 5 December 2008


This has bad news written all over it.

Less than an inch tall...

Nexen have released the world's first 15-section tyre.

C'mon, that's just silly. Can you actually get any air into it, or is the rubber just painted on to the rim...?

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is generating a lot of buzz, and rightly so. Look at the stats:
  • 408bhp hybrid powertrain
  • 959 lb.ft torque available from 0mph
  • 100mpg
  • Aluminium & composite construction
  • 0-60: 5.8s
  • $88,000

All things to all men, then? It certainly seems to do everything very well in an admirably uncompromising manner, if the claims are true.

The truly arresting thing about it, however, is how it looks. The styling cues are hotchpotched together in a seemingly random way (Corvette front arches, RX-8 rear arches, BMW Z8 nose, Alfa 8C window line), yet it hangs together very well. We like.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Peugeot 205 T16

Ari Vatanen: "Just popping down the shops, dear..."

Miura Roadster resurfaces

Lamborghini only ever built one Miura Roadster... and it's suddenly become available in Switzerland.

The car appeared at the 1968 Brussels Auto Salon and created a huge amount of interest - Ferrucio Lamborghini, however, felt that a Roadster didn't fit in with the GT philosophy of the Miura (a lot of torsional rigidity would lost, plus the ensuing claims for hearing loss due to the open-top proximity of the mighty V12 would probably be more than Sant'Agata's legal division could cope with), so Bertone never even got around to designing a roof for it.

Fast forward forty years and it's up for auction. If you need to ask how much it is, you probably can't afford it.