Thursday, 30 July 2009

Peak Performance

The spiritual successor to the epic Climb Dance, Peak Performance shows Marcus Gronholm scaling Pikes Peak in an 800bhp RallyCross Fiesta. Glorious.

And here's a stark reminder of how it can all go wrong - Stefan Eriksson was lucky to lose it on a relatively flat bit of road, rather than over the side of an Armco-less 1000ft cliff...

Ferrari 458 Italia

The arrival of a new Ferrari is always tremendously exciting. Debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the 458 Italia will showcase a new direct-injection 4.5-litre V8, redlining at 9000rpm to deliver 562bhp and 398lb-ft. It is, naturally, very light and aerodynamic, allowing it to reach 60mph in 3.4s, going onto a top speed of 202mph... making it the first volume-produced V8 Ferrari to top the double-ton.
It sounds as good as it looks too, as you'd imagine.

Chrome Lambo

A chromed Murcielago roadster - conclusive proof that a) money can't buy taste and b) people who buy supercars solely to look good rather than to enjoy driving them are colossal pricks. Look at his miserable face, what a twat.
Photo via Flickr

Schumacher returns!

You've undoubtedly heard about this by now - Ferrari have announced that Schumie will be driving Massa's car at the European Grand Prix in August. Our thoughts are, of course, with Massa and his family in hope of a speedy recovery (reports at present vary wildly between 'he'll be racing again by September' to 'he'll never race again'), but we'd like to extend a hearty SuckSqueezeBangBlow 'hell yeah!' to the living legend that is Michael Schumacher. Jenson and Lewis must be crapping themselves...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Clarkson Beatbox

Powerslide! Powerslide! Powerslide! Powerslide! Powerslide! Powerslide! Powerslide! Powerslide!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rally drama

YouTube is full of rally clip compilations, but few can match the quality of this one. Set aside five minutes to absorb this, you'll really enjoy it.

Grantgb @ BugJam

Nick Grant takes beautiful photographs - check out these snaps from BugJam.

There's plenty to marvel over on his website here.

Porsche Supersport

The word in Stuttgart is that next year could see a limited-run C4S-based 911 Supersport. More a grand tourer than a lairy track monster like the GT3 RS or GT2, it'll feature such retro cues as a double-bubble roof, Fuchs-style alloys and a ducktail spoiler.
Check out this rendering Jalopnik put together...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Shell's Ferrari ad

This classic Shell ad works on so many levels - heritage, quality of shot, diversity of chronologically ordered cars... and noise. The noise is just superb, particularly at 0m50s.

Ferrari, of course, aren't the types to advertise. The thoroughness (and budget) that Shell threw at this is testament to their respect for and partnership with the great marque. Go on, watch it again, you know you want to.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Ken Block - Gymkhana Training

This is just breathtaking.

'Cuda rebirth

Renowned US muscle/drag tuner Mr Norm has unveiled the 'Super 'Cuda' - a Challenger-based homage to the Hemi 'Cuda of the seventies (which was, of course, based on the contemporary Challenger platform). It features Plymouthesque grille-and-tail treatment, the essential shaker hood and the gloriously seventies Hemi decals. The supercharged 426ci Hemi V8 produces an epic 725bhp, sent to the rears via a beefy Viper diff. It's even got adjustable coilovers so it'll go round corners!
Via Pistonheads

Retro Show - Speedhunters pics

Last weekend saw the Retro Show return to Santa Pod. Effusive coverage abounds and, as they generally do with these kind of events, Speedhunters have supplied some superb photos. Click here to see their report.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


There may not have been any actual VW Jettas in the new Transformers movie, but that didn't stop a mall in Beijing building a Jetta Transformer anyway. It's pretty cool, isn't it? Click the image for more pictures.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Twitchy Tacoma

Tacoma climbing the hill at Goodwood - this is what happens when you try to deploy 1000bhp when it's a bit wet...

Atomised Commodore

This is what happens when a '78 Holden Commmodore with 400kgs of ballast hits a concrete wall at 62mph. Frightening.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mini Mille Miglia

This is a really cool idea - a slot-car version of the legendary Mille Miglia.
You can fly out and take part in the MMM, or just send them a car and let experienced slot car drivers race it for you. And it's all for charity too!

You can find all the details, info and loads of photos here.

GTbyCitroen in London

The video speaks for itself - this thing is a monster.

Cayman breadvan

Hot shooting-brakes are a very European thing, from the DB5 through the M Coupe up to the new fad for supersonic estates from the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. It looks like Porsche are getting in on the act too, from these grainy pictures snapped in Italy - a Cayman shooting-brake? Or is it just a cover over a turbo engine in development? Either way, pretty exciting.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Goodwood FOS 2009 - photos

As always, an unmissable event. I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

LP670-4 SV in Abu Dhabi

You probably saw Richard Hammond driving the run-out Murcielago on Top Gear... but it's worth watching again. The brutal drag race with the SLR 722 is particularly jaw-dropping, and the flames coming from the exhaust on the TG track are just epic.

Atlanta car park collapses

This is what it looks like when a multi-storey car park randomly collapses. Click the image for the full gallery.