Monday, 14 November 2016

Track E36

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

How do you go about building the perfect track-focused E36? Well, something like this would be a pretty strong start...
The stripped interior sports a serious 'cage, along with the obligatory buckets and harnesses - there's a passenger seat for scaring people with, along with a full dash to make the car streetable, and it's not just been a case of ripping out all the sound deadening and leaving it at that; it's so spotless in there you could eat a cliché off of it.
The straight-six looks to be a case of evolution rather than revolution, although the towering gear-shifter and hydraulic handbrake suggest it's all ready for mischief. The thing sits just right, it's got a fat contact patch all round, and it's beautifully presented as well as being devastatingly forthright. Ticks a lot of boxes. Yep, it works for me.

Spotted at Show & Glow 2016 - more pics here.

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